How reliable product data enables rapid-response marketing.

Have confidence in your data and be able to deploy it quickly and efficiently.

The other day I wrote that a key benefit of data governance is having the confidence in your data to react quickly and nimbly to changing market conditions.  One customer of Enterworks is taking advantage of their data governance and master data management (MDM) capabilities to rapidly respond to new business opportunities in an emerging global market.

Respond quickly to new business opportunities. The company’s vision is to provide engineers in that region with high-quality, quick-turnaround service to complement the company’s resource-rich Web site of electronics products and components.

Their e-commerce Web site carries over a million products from more than 400 suppliers.  Their microsites help educate engineers on product features, benefits, and applications, and provide them with product diagrams, drawings, demo videos, and technical documents.  Their mobile site allows engineers to search for and buy the components they want wherever they’re working.

All these resources enable the company’s strategy of rapidly responding to their customers’ needs.

But what if this company couldn’t be sure that their product data was clean and accurate?

What if they couldn’t be sure their data was coming from the most up-to-date sources?

What if their images and documents weren’t linked with the product data they go with?

What if they didn’t have a way to get that content from where it is to where it’s needed – in customer-facing media such as Web sites, mobile apps, and catalogs?

This company doesn’t have those concerns.  Because underlying their customer-centric marketing strategy is an authoritative repository of master product data, product information, and related digital assets.

This repository allows the company to centrally manage their product content and to publish or syndicate it to all channels: e-commerce pages, microsites, mobile apps, their 2,000-page print catalog, and others.

The tremendous diversity of new marketing media and channels can be a great boon for reaching new customers and serving existing ones.  But you must first have confidence that your product content is complete, current, and correct, and be able to publish that content to those media and channels in streamlined and automated processes.

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