The IT Reformation and the Splinternet


Business users are freeing themselves from the constraints of the IT department with information technologies that work together less and less effectively. What will this mean for data governance and related disciplines?

Starting this past Monday, Hub Designs Magazine, published by MDM consultant Dan Power, ran a three-part series I’ve authored, called “The IT Reformation and the Splinternet.”The Splinternet

In Part 1, I introduce the series and provide a brief overview of the concepts of the IT Reformation (a.k.a. “Rogue IT”) and the Splinternet.

In Part 2, I outline some of the areas where these paradoxical dynamics may negatively affect the practice of data governance.

Part 3 is an epilogue to Part 2 and the conclusion of the series.

I believe these two dynamics – the disintermediation of the IT department and the disintegration of information technologies – have the potential for inhibiting efforts at sound enterprise-wide data governance.

I hope you’ll read the series and add your thoughts to the “Comments” section at Hub Designs magazine.

One Response to The IT Reformation and the Splinternet

  1. Dan Power says:

    Thanks for your thought provoking series of articles, Frank. The reader reaction at Hub Designs Magazine has been very positive, and we would love to have you write for us again!

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