Applied MDM: Layout Manager for dynamic catalog publishing.


A flexible technique for using master product data in multichannel catalog production.

(Part of a series on how companies can leverage their master product data for more efficient operations and competitive advantage.)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the idea of “applied MDM,” meaning that an organization’s master data should be connected to the business processes and applications that need it, such as multichannel commerce, sales and marketing portals, regulatory compliance, and others.

One way Enterworks does this is through multichannel publishing techniques that ensure master product data and related digital assets are dynamically linked to our customers’ Web and print catalogs.

An interesting element in these techniques is the Layout Manager, a flexible matrix of links that map source content in the PIM or master data repository to print artwork and Web output files.

 Enable Layout Manager

The Layout Manager connects the content needed for a particular publication to publishing elements in the artwork (product copy, table description, footnotes, product image, icons, etc.). It also applies any graphical or typographical styling needed for that particular element of the publication.

The Layout Manager supports multiple layout versions that draw on different subsets of the master content repository.  This makes it easy to organize and access the layout maps needed for a variety of publications (Web pages, catalogs, brochures, price sheets, etc.).

This “applied MDM” capability helps our customers reduce the time and costs for producing their catalogs and Web content.  One customer cut an estimated six figures and six months from the production of their 1,400-page catalog.  Another manages thousands of products under 14 different brands for their online marketing.

Fewer errors and review cycles are other benefits of using authoritative master product data in multi-channel publishing.

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