How distributor marketing can benefit from applied master data management (MDM).


The marketing channels that leading distributors use can be more efficient and effective with product information that’s clean, current, and correct.

It’s a nice coincidence that Modern Distribution Management – the go-to pub for the distribution industry – shares the same initials with master data management (MDM). 

MDM (the magazine) just came out with Part Two of its survey of marketing imperatives for distributors.  This installment compares the activities of its “MDM Market Leaders” (among whom are several Enterworks customers) with those of other distributors in order to identify best marketing practices.

What’s also coincidental is that processes and applications powered by MDM (the discipline) can help enable and improve many of the marketing channels MDM (the magazine) found were most often used by its Market Leaders:

Catalog Marketing – The article says market-leading distributors effectively use “monthly mini-catalogs often customized to specific market segments.”  This is a classic use case for MDM-supported dynamic catalog publishing.

MDM-supported publishing is also key for producing large master catalogs with accurate, vetted content – an important point, as many distributors know their customers check their print catalog first and then purchase online or over the phone. “These distributors…are growing circulation of their print catalogs and show no sign of slowing down.” 

Email and Print Flyers – The same repository of master product content can support the rapid design and publication of e-mails and print flyers through marketing asset management and Web-to-print portals that draw their content from canonical sources.  

The article also points out that these vehicles make it “easy to measure results because there is usually a specific offer associated with each of these vehicles.”  Time effectivity (a distinctive capability of Enterworks Enable MDM) supports managing limited-time offers with set-and-forget start and stop dates for discounts, sales pricing, and rebates. 

Search Engine Marketing – “The use of search engine marketing is a clear point of differentiation” between the magazine’s Market Leaders and other distributors. An MDM platform can manage search-friendly taxonomies and keyword-rich attributes to ensure successful search results. 

Telemarketing – The magazine’s Market Leaders use telemarketing more frequently and more consistently than other distributors. When outbound sales reps reach a prospect, sales portals and related applications supported by MDM provide the most up-to-date and accurate product information literally at the rep’s fingertips. 

You can read Part One of the MDM series here: “The Distributor Marketing Imperative Part 1: Multi-sales channel capabilities necessary to gain advantage”

(This blog post should not be construed as an endorsement by Modern Distribution Magazine of Enterworks offerings specifically or of master data management generally.)

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