Software Marketing Part Deux: Enterworks RFI Template for PIM and Product MDM


A resource for companies that are ready to start the process of acquiring a product MDM or PIM solution.

Yesterday I wrote about trite-but-true guidelines for software marketing.  Today, I’m writing about the release of Enterworks’ free RFI template for product master data management (MDM) and product information management (PIM) solutions.

This template (in MS Word format) lets companies quickly create a request for information by customizing the questions to their requirements and deleting or adding any questions as needed. 

As we said in our announcement yesterday, we originally developed this template for customers of ours who knew they were ready for product data quality and management tools, but who also needed a way to jump-start the process of acquiring them. 

This template helped them organize their thinking and present the case to potential sponsors and champions that they were ready to undertake the process. We hope it can do the same for other companies.

So, yes, this is “software marketing” to the extent that an MDM and PIM solution provider is offering it.  That said, the template can be tailored to any company’s requirements, and the resulting RFI can be issued to any vendor. 

And as marketing techniques go, we hope it’s more useful and customer-friendly than a trade show tchotchke.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the template, we invite you to visit our Web site and complete the short request form.

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